From Americablog: GOP: Let's ignore the environment and be very afraid

Always predictable. They're a bunch of complete chickens, afraid of their own shadow and the terrifying world that addresses climate change. Yes, jobs will be lost as they are with any innovation or change but what about the jobs created? What about the environmental benefits? What about the health care costs related to doing nothing? Don't they count? Are the Republicans always going to run in fear of practical change? Sheesh. Change your diapers and dare to think about the new opportunities that are waiting. Heaven forbid new businesses are created that are outside of the old energy structure. What ever will we do?

From news story, GOP says Democrats' climate proposal does little
GOP House members used the weeklong Memorial Day break recess to drum up voter opposition to the Democratic bill. The governor's criticism echoed Republican lawmakers' arguments at "energy summits" in Pennsylvania, Indiana and California and at other forums during the week.

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Lets be real about the GOP, they don't believe in reality.. Their entire doctrine is based off Beauty and the Best and Pinocchio. They're in fairyland and are GIANT LIARS. Their rhetoric is dying out, and soon they will even cease to exist. I think it is a beautiful thing. That is usually what happen to entities that are no longer relevant, they simply cease to exist..
and soon they will even cease to exist

If only it were so. However, I fear that just like the Taliban and suicide bombers and abortion doctor killers, we'll never be rid of them.



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