I keep hearing that the really, really stupid are but a small minority and that I shouldn't worry my pretty head about them.

Consider this, half the Republicans in tomorrow's primary states of Alabama and Mississippi think President Obama is a Muslim. There will be an election in November and, without a doubt, the Republican candidate will carry these states. That isn't a small minority.


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And why should it matter even if he WERE a Muslim? Our constitution says there shall be no religious test for office. Unfortunately, the ranks of the stupid are NOT small, and you can find them everywhere! :-(

Why does the government pay chaplains? Why does our money have In God We Trust on it? Why can't I get elected to office in Florida? And on and on. Because our judicial, legislative and executive leaders won't defend the Constitution as they swore to do - and most Americans are bone-headed Christians.

Reza Aslan was on Real Time about a month ago.  Bill Maher said, "Will somebody explain to me why poor white people keep voting for the Republicans who are keeping them in poverty?!"

Aslan said, "Jesus."




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