Paul Krugman gives a nice summation of why we'll hold on to the White House next year.

The irrational requirements of the Republican base force any candidate for the Republican nomination to be either a liar or an idiot. It's more gently phrased in this New York Times op piece:

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Well, this piece gives me no comfort, because there are FAR too many stupid, uneducated non-thinkers who have the right to cast a vote. I have very little confidence in the American electorate, and 4 years is FAR too long for those already living in desperation to hunker down and wait for a ray of light. :-(

I'm a bit discouraged too, but always looking for silver linings.

Optimal mental health requires an unrealistic amount of optimism and avoidance of the unhappy realities we can't do much about.

Well, it seems now that, after a series of implosions, the idiots are gone and just two liars are left vying for the nomination - Gingrich and Romney.

My hope is that Gingrich gets it, as he looks to me the more vulnerable of the two.


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