Common heart drug's link to diabetes uncovered by researchers

If you're diabetic and taking statins, talk to your doctor about Glyburide.

Recently, an increased risk of diabetes has been added to the warning label for statin use. This was perplexing to us because if you are improving your metabolic profile with statins you should actually be decreasing the incidence of diabetes with these drugs, yet, the opposite happened."

Schertzer's group investigated further. "We found that statins activated a very specific immune response, which stopped insulin from doing its job properly. So we connected the dots and found that combining statins with another drug on top of it, Glyburide, suppressed this side effect." [emphasis mine]

Jonathan Schertzer, assistant professor, Department of Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences, and Canadian Diabetes Association Scholar, led the research team for the study that linked statins to diabetes.

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