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On the other hand, there's falsies for men.

Wow, now I've seen it all.

That said, the falsie would be very useful for Star Trek: TNG uniforms, as a lot of the cosplayers I've seen in them don't quite hold the uniform to specs from the TV program (precisely because they don't have something like this in place... Wil Wheaton has talked about the special forms they had to wear under their uniforms...)

They had to wear forms under their uniforms?

As for the video, I can't see it from my work PC, but I think it may be the one I've seen before, where an overweight man had to get around with a cane or walker? And he began losing weight, until finally, he wasn't just walking around, but running and being able to be, well, spry! And, yes, it is very encouraging and inspirational! :) Thanks!

My cousin is like that guy, he's disabled with severe back problems from car accidents and obese.  He can only walk a short distance and he can't travel in a regular car because of his back problems.  He has a special van he goes around in. 

It would help a lot if he lost weight, but he's pretty depressed and he feels stuck.

I think I'm going to cry . . . snif . . . what an amazing man!


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