This passage from an article on wellness centers struck me,

... I probably engage in negative self-talk, such as 'there I go again, spending money to join a gym and I am such as loser I cannot even get there.' Or 'I did not go because I am lazy and worthless.' Negative self-talk just works against people trying to implement positive lifestyle changes. Instead, be positive. Give yourself credit for every change you make, no matter how small." [emphasis mine]

I realized that I usually describe myself as lazy when I fail to go to the gym.

How should I think about my failure to exercise on days when we slept too late, or I lost track of time, or I was feeling a bit under par but not really sick? I do congratulate us, my husband and me, when we succeed in exercising. But I continue to put myself down, instead of putting down my behavior, when I don't go.

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