Fighting Fat With Botox

Obese rats had their vagus nerve paralyzed with a botox injection and lost 20-30 % of their body weight in five weeks. It might become an alternative to bariatric surgery for the morbidly obese.

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When Johannessen injected rats with Botox, the animals ate less and lost 20-30 per cent of their body weight over five weeks. The treatment effectively paralyzes the vagus nerve, which triggers the sense of hunger and controls the passing of food through the intestines.

Paralyzing the nerve paralyzes muscles in the stomach, which appears to slow the passage of food through the stomach. This effect might one day lead to treatments that cause people to feel fuller for longer.

... her research team will start human clinical studies as soon as Norwegian medical ethics authorities give their approval.

"As a start, we will be inviting patients who are candidates for obesity operations but who, for one reason or another, cannot undergo one," Johannessen told NRK.

I just wonder what happens after five weeks. Is there any danger the nerve will stay paralyzed?

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