It's been increasingly more difficult for me to exercise and keep from gaining weight as I'm plagued with pain from pinched nerves and arthritis in recent weeks. Perhaps these techniques will help.

I was reluctant, at first, to participate in this group because what we share here is public. But the keeping of such a journal is something that can be shared, without going into details of my wins or failures.

I was thinking that my milestones could be exercising 10 times in a two week period, or stocking up on handy salads and healthy snacks instead of eating chocolate and nuts because they are right here, while salad requires work before it's available.

Is anybody else interested in setting up medium term goals like these, with a win journal and little rewards? I'll start my first two week chart today.

How to Stick to Your Resolutions by Hacking Your Brain

... a "Win Journal" for noting small successes on a daily basis. Psychotherapists have a long history of advising patients to keep a journal like this, for purposes such as sticking to new year's resolutions and overcoming chronic depression. And that's because these two problems -- bad habits and poor self-esteem -- often share a common and surprisingly simple cause: We're wired, on the whole, to relive negative memories more vividly than positive ones.

... psychologists suggest coupling this technique with a related one: giving yourself little rewards, like a dinner out or a drive in the countryside, every time you meet a milestone or step outside your comfort zone.

[emphasis mine]

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Journaling is very important - I will do that too.

When I was mormon, I went to their educational seminars all the time, and tried all the ideas for improvement, but they never worked for me.  This article indicates these two plans have been recognized by those studying human responses as being beneficial, so I'm going to try them.  I've already made a folder on my computer labeled "ACCOMPLISHMENTS".

One personal experience is the most important factor for me being willing to try them is about rewards.  When I was taking electronics in Idaho State University, I couldn't get myself to do much homework because my mind was constantly distracted at everything going on at home, what with 7 others in the family packed into a small house.

I finally decided to go from the last class directly to the library, sit in the quietest corner, and not go home until all my homework was completed.  To keep me on task, I took some of my favorite candy with me, and divided it into the same number of pieces that I had sections of homework.  When each section was completed, I ate one piece of candy.  It worked great.

That was a clever idea, Idaho Spud.

I'm not very good at rewards. It's been my biggest hurdle to this plan. I have trouble of thinking of wins and rewards.

I am a person in now or never situation. I am more than willing to join in.

I would have assumed that in Pakistan there wouldn't be nearly as much of an obesity problem as in the US. What are your diet and exercise goals, If I might ask?

Hi, Ruth! Just wanted to let you know that I have a rough time prepping salads, myself, unless I have time to myself at work. LOL So what I end up doing at home is making green smoothies. They look like something from star trek, really, but they taste good! I was so shocked. Anyway, they are a wonderful way to get in your greens and fruit. Give it a try. :) Also, if you eat more veggies and fruit, your body might thank you with less pain (I hope!). Some of the foods we take in can cause inflamation and some of the veggies and fruits have micronutrients which relieve that, over time. It's worth a look into.

Chocolate as it's sold might not be the best idea, but cocoa powder is essential! Add it to sauces or make your own sweets. I add cocoa powder to silken tofu with a bit of stevia to make faux pudding.

That silken tofu faux pudding is worth a try. On my low carb diet there are so few desserts. I never seem to have the time and energy to bake or cook them, even if I find a recipe I might eat. That sounds easy. I'm lucky to bake my own low carb bread and make salads half the time.

The green smoothie doesn't sound appealing to me.

Yeah, it doesn't sound appealing at all, but it's surprisingly refreshing. Just google 'green monster smoothie recipe' and it'll show up. Kale and spinach are so good for you... Anyway...

I saw a post on facebook that you might find interesting. You fix your salad in layers in a mason jar, with the greens in the topmost layer and the dressing at the bottom. Do this on Sunday and then when it's time to eat during the week, take the jar and shake it up, then pour it into a bowl. Insta-salad!

Jut checking in to report that I only succeeded ingoing to the gym 5 times the first week, and haven't met that goal since. I did do a better job of making salads, because of the goal, but not every day as I'd expected.


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