Just launched a new Belgian Strong Golden Ale last night. It will be awesome. Here's the recipe (All Grain):

OG: 1.088      FG: ??

7# Belgian Pilsener

6# Golden Promise

1# German Wheat

.25# Belgian Biscuit

.25# Caramunich

1# Table Sugar

Northern Brewer ( 1 oz, 8.6  AAU) - 90 min.

Spalt (1 oz , 2.5 AAU) - 60 min.

Saaz (1 oz) - 0 min.

Zest of 1 orange - 0 min.

Safale S-33 (dry yeast)

Dough in at 125 F, and rest for 30 min. Step to 150 F and rest until conversion is complete.

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i'm calling this one "Halo Hokum".

My strong golden ale turned out AWESOME. It has a final gravity of 1.020, giving it about 9% ABV, excellent complexity, a beautiful balance of phenolic character, fruitiness, and bitterness. The orange peel is evident in the nose.

This is such a good recipe that I intend to make another batch very soon, perhaps trying the White Labs Belgian Golden Ale Yeast (WLP570) or the Abbey IV Ale Yeast (WLP540). I almost always use Safale dry yeasts, as they perform incredibly well, but I think this beer is worth giving the liquid culture a shot. I may add an additional pound or two of Belgian Pilsener malt to bump the gravity a little higher.

This brew is a total winner, and though I am tempted to call it a trippel, I will stick with Strong Golden as the style. I think the fruitiness and phenols put it over the line.





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