Deceptive overpackaging adds insult to the evil of not-green. I recently bought Finish detergent, where the box contains smaller packets.

Not only was there a 1 cm plastic setback from the front surface to the beginning of the first layer, making the box look thicker, the second layer was only half filled, with mostly empty space for the top half (it had one lone packet).

But this obscenity beats all! (from Cheezburger)

There should be a fine for companies that overpackage.

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Pathetic.  Just pathetic.


MAD Magazine was on to this a long time ago, with Al Jaffee's "The Incredible Shrinking Candy Bar":

The top row shows what honest packaging would look like; the bottom row shows what the cardboard tray inside the candy wrapper is really for.

BTW, I just bought some flash drives, and noticed that manufacturers present minimal packaging as some sort of new "green" thing... while I'm sure it actually saves them quite a bit of money over the previous overplasticked overpackaged designs. (With electronic gadgets "physically bigger is better" is often false!)




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