The Koch brothers aren't just anti-union and anti-social welfare. They fund hate, to the tune of  $114.2 million in 2017, through an enormous network.

DonorsTrust Bankrolled Right-Wing Judicial Appointments, Trump’s Ac...

The nasty work detailed here makes my head spin. 

Just in case their own children aren't up for hate-mongering, they guarantee a hate-promotion legacy.

DonorsTrust was established in 1999 by long time libertarian activist Whitney Ball to allow right-wing millionaires, billionaires, and foundations to funnel money anonymously to network partners, including after their death. Lawson Bader, president and CEO of DonorsTrust, once explained, “There are clients of ours that may love their kids, but perhaps the client and the kids differ in terms of political philosophy, or institutional support.” DonorsTrust ensures that the money is not redirected by surviving family members in such a case.

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Trump and MAGA, Make America Great Again.

The Kochs and MAWA, Make America White Again. They are losing.




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