Peter Turchin et al analyzed the evolution of human society across the globe throughout history. They concluded that 

... key aspects of human social organization tend to coevolve in predictable ways. This result supports the hypothesis that there are substantial commonalities in the ways that human societies evolve. Thus, societies can be meaningfully compared along a single dimension, which can be referred to as social complexity. Our analyses suggest that the estimated first PC of social complexity can be interpreted as a composite measure of the various roles, institutions, and technologies that enable the coordination of large numbers of people to act in a politically unified manner. [emphasis mine]

Quantitative historical analysis uncovers a single dimension of com...

The evolution of human society has switched to devolution, inasmuch as what's needed for species survival is "the coordination of large numbers of people to act in a politically unified manner" globally to build a sustainable world. Instead, nationalism/fascism is breaking our global society into hostile factions, bent on one another's destruction so each can gobble up more dwindling resources. 

We're failing a survival test, to act in a politically unified manner to manage our fragile planetary habitability fairly and sustainably. Respecting diversity is critical to continuing survival. We must all see ourselves as part of the same whole.

What Would Happen If Everyone Truly Believed Everything Is One?

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