Rich Will sums up our collective response to knowing that our fossil-fuel way of life is destroying us.

The (near) impossibility of taking climate change seriously (enough)

... what would you do if someone told you the world was going to end in seven days? The obvious answer, one that rarely comes up, is I wouldn’t believe them

What if we reframe the question: what are you doing in response to the overwhelming evidence ... that our way of life is destroying our habitat? The answer, if we judge our actions rather than our words, is the same. We don’t believe them.

… Sven Lindqvist … “It is not knowledge we lack. It is the courage to understand what we know and to draw conclusions”.

If the alternative to quietude is too terrifying for the vast majority of us to contemplate ...

Many fall for the oldest trick that power has up its sleeve: taking out their frustrations on conveniently-placed scapegoats.

... that our civilisation’s response to the knowledge of its impending self-destruction is: racism. It can be no accident that all prominent far-right demagogues, from Trump to Farage to Salvini to Bolsonaro ad infinitum, have lying about climate change as a core principle. [emphasis mine]

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Judging "belief" from actions rather than words, that cuts to the chase.

It's so much more comfortable to enjoy fossil-fuel benefits by ignoring our self-destructiveness while self-righteously attacking scapegoats. Dysfunctional "coping" can even make your life feel meaningful.

Right-wing authoritarianism linked to an enhanced sense that one’s ...

“Endorsement of right-wing authoritarianism is associated with anti-democratic dispositions, and prejudice towards outgroups. Our research shows that one reason this worldview may be appealing is because it is positively related to the sense that one’s life is meaningful,”...

Dysfunctional fossil-fuel civilization -- self-limiting by choice -- that's us.

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