What Trump's 4th of July spectacle at the Lincoln Memorial lays bare, says Amanda Marcotte, is that Trump's base are all about asserting white supremacy and male dominance. They stand in the rain, putting up with long boring prattle to co-opt a national anti-racism icon and troll liberals.

Trump’s 4th of July fiasco exposed a common myth about his fans and...

Trumpism isn’t and has never been about Trump. It’s about those who wish to impose their vision of white supremacy and male dominance on an America they fear might actually be starting to live up to its values of freedom and equality.

Trump could have stood there for 45 minutes tunelessly humming hits of the ’70s, and his followers would still have stood there doggedly. They were standing up for their hateful vision of America.

He won in 2016 by being more of a racist troll than any of his opponents, and for no other reason.

The rain in Washington washed the spectacle away, and exposed the stalwart hate that is the beating heart of Trumpism.

[emphasis mine, order changed]

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