Diversity for a Better Future


Diversity for a Better Future

Racism and culture bias used to be isolated topics of discussion for many of us, like sports or gardening – not matters of overarching existential threat like a virulent flu pandemic or nuclear brinksmanship. We could compart­ment­alize.

Today’s world is too small and changing too fast for people in privileged majorities to be complacent. As extreme-right nativist politics engulfs country after country, driven in part by climate migration and escalating economic inequality, the future trembles.

Now we must face our biases and overcome them to cooperate globally, to ensure that our planet’s climate can continue supporting human society. We can reinvent ourselves as cooperative peoples with mutual respect, capable of questioning and discarding “us versus them” competitive world views with in-built disdain for others.

Atheists are in a great position to become role models. Each of us can make a unique contribution to collectively weaving the new story that will be needed to guide humanity in surviving our greatest challenge.

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Results of US repression and exploitation in Central America

Started by Ruth Anthony-Gardner. Last reply by Grinning Cat Aug 22. 1 Reply

Jim Hightower reminds US citizens that we pushed people to become immigrants.…Continue

Tags: exploitation, racism, immigration, Central America policy, U.S. government

Tearing Us Apart For Profit

Started by Ruth Anthony-Gardner. Last reply by Joan Denoo Mar 30. 8 Replies

James Murray presents the epistemic crisis aspect of the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica Scandal. At the precise moment that human species survival requires we work together, our media landscape and…Continue

Tags: Facebook scamming, climate destabilization, maximizing ad revenue, epistemic crisis

Racism in a Pattern of Plunder

Started by Ruth Anthony-Gardner. Last reply by Cane Kostovski Feb 13. 8 Replies

... seeing every action as part of a pattern of plunder, especially the attacks on communities of color that have been facing immediate dangers to their safety and dignity over the past year.Maj.…Continue

Tags: The Grand Unified Theory of politics, racism, corporate profit-making, wealthy corporate elites

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Comment by Ruth Anthony-Gardner on September 25, 2018 at 5:43pm

Cane, I'm a bit confused about exactly how The Venus Project plans to redesign our social system to maximize quality of life rather than profit by applying science and technology. Which sciences will facilitate a transition from current systems of religious/ethnic/oligarchic competitions to a peaceful cooperate sharing of resources? If there's to be no money, credit, or even barter, what system of exchange will be used? This is kinda like saying you'd create a new computer that doesn't use digital or quantum data. "All goods and services are available to all people" is like hand waving. Vague. 

I don't see how "Most of our problems today are technical." How would technology stop the systemic attack on truth, when mass media itself is an accelerating factor - for example.

Even brain science can't just make people appreciate what's good and true. Consider the work of George Lakoff. How would The Venus Project get people to shrug off racism, xenophobia, etc? 

Comment by Ruth Anthony-Gardner on September 25, 2018 at 5:23pm

Paul Krugman says that because voters don't like Republican taxes and tariffs, their mid term campaigns will double down on racism.

The vast majority of voters recognize that the tax cuts were designed to benefit corporations and the wealthy while driving up the federal deficit — a deficit which the GOP is likely to use as an excuse to cut social programs.

... the GOP ... seem, Krugman explained, to be doubling down on what made Trump a distinctly vile candidate: demonizing people of color.

"And it might work. After all, studies of the 2016 election clearly show that racial resentment, not 'economic anxiety,' was what put Trump over the top," Krugman said.

... if the G.O.P. does win, it will have won very, very ugly. [emphasis mine]

Paul Krugman Reveals How Republicans Plan to Win in 2018 — Even Whi...

Comment by Grinning Cat on August 25, 2018 at 12:17pm

Stephen Sondheim's lyrics in "West Side Story" are still apropos:

(West Side Story scene, singing) [girls] Life is alright in America [boys] If you're all white in America

Comment by Grinning Cat on August 3, 2018 at 5:58pm

The current horrific US administration, playing politics with people's lives... it will be a better future once tRump & co. are out of power.


Comment by Cane Kostovski on February 13, 2018 at 10:54pm

Something for your consideration: the RBE - Resource Based Economy. Read all about it here

I thought this was a good place to spread the news about RBE since this place is welcoming diversity for a better future...

Comment by Ruth Anthony-Gardner on December 22, 2017 at 5:17pm

Astonishing income disparity, mentioned in the Boston Globe. ( I can't get the original article because I refuse to pay). Here's an excerpt.

The $8 detail in the Globe’s Spotlight series on race in Boston is not a typo. [...] The household median net worth was $247,500 for whites; $8 for US blacks (the lowest of all five cities); $12,000 for Caribbean blacks; $3,020 for Puerto Ricans; and $0 for Dominicans (that’s not a typo either.) The sample size for Cape Verdeans was too small to calculate net worth, the report said. “A lot of people have the impression that the major way in which people amass wealth is through savings out of their income,” said William A. Darity Jr., a professor of public policy at Duke University who was one of the lead investigators of the study. That’s not the case. Net worth, the report said, is determined by “subtracting debts from assets.” [...]
Comment by Ruth Anthony-Gardner on December 14, 2017 at 4:43pm

This Borowitz satire had me in stitches.

Nazis Feeling Neglected After Republicans’ Embrace of Child Molesters

Several prominent Nazis said on Tuesday that they feel “neglected and hurt” by what they see as the Republican Party’s decision to court child molesters instead.

“President Trump needs to remember who put him in the White House,” Dorrinson said. “Nazis have feelings, too.”

Comment by Grinning Cat on December 4, 2017 at 5:57pm

And under the current administration, the Department of Injustice has shown its colors over and over...

Comment by Ruth Anthony-Gardner on December 4, 2017 at 5:42pm

FBI statistics on hate crimes are a joke.

The FBI relies on local law enforcement agencies to identify and report crimes motivated by bias, but many agencies fumble this task.

The evidence suggests that many police agencies across the country are not working very hard to count hate crimes. Thousands of them opt not to participate in the FBI’s hate crime program at all. Among the 15,000 that do, some 88 percent reported they had no hate crimes.

Local law enforcement agencies reported a total of 6,121 hate crimes in 2016 to the FBI, but estimates from the National Crime Victimization Survey, conducted by the federal government, pin the number of potential hate crimes at almost 250,000 a year — one indication of the inadequacy of the FBI’s data.

Why America Fails at Gathering Hate Crime Statistics

“The current statistics are a complete and utter joke,” said Roy Austin, former deputy assistant attorney general in the Department of Justice’s civil rights division.

Comment by Chris on November 27, 2017 at 9:53am

On White Nationalism.

Mikey Weinstin's group Military Religious Freedom Foundation may be interesting to some.


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