Having your DNA tested for deep ancestry consists of having it analyzed for the purpose of acquiring information about the travels of your ancestors beginning 70,000 years ago with their origins in Africa and progressing through time to relatively recent locations. A brief explanation of how it works follows:

A male has a type of DNA that will be called P (for paternal) that is passed substantially unchanged from father to son and a type that will be called M (for maternal) that is passed substantially unchanged from mother to son. To learn about his deep ancestry (the journeys of his ancestors) his P - DNA is tested to acquire information about his paternal line and his M - DNA is tested to acquire information about his maternal line.

A female however, doesn’t receive P – DNA because it goes only from father to son. She receives but the M type from her mother. Nonetheless, testing the P - DNA of her father, brother, paternal uncle or paternal male cousin for example would provide her with deep ancestry information about her paternal line. Of course, deep ancestry information about her maternal line would be acquired by testing her M – DNA.

In order to learn about my deep ancestry I decided to have both my P and M types of DNA tested by utilizing the services of the Genographic Project of the National Geographic Society. It affords the testing on a known or anonymous basis and so far more than 600,000 people have undergone it.


I had only a few surprises from my results and none were major. I knew my father's side to be Ukrainian (Lemko) and my mother's to be Italian. The paternal results revealed a probable and fairly direct route to Ukraine from the Balkans while the maternal a probable, although indirect, route to Italy going down into it after having gone up to near the Baltic Sea. My father's side seems to have weathered the last glacial period in the Balkans while my mother's seems to have weathered it by moving south into Italy. My father’s side entered Europe in the Balkans directly from Southwest Asia after having gone west through Turkey. My mother’s entered it after having gone north between the Black and Caspian seas and proceeding northwest to near the Baltic Sea.


My paternal haplogroup is I-L621with previous markers from earliest to latest of M42, M168, M89, M170, P37.2 and M423.


My maternal haplogroup is H5b with previous markers from earliest to latest of L3, N, R, RO, HV, H and H5.


My DNA is 49% Mediterranean, 33% Northern European and 17% Southwest Asian. This is consistent with my being half Italian.


I am 2.9% Neanderthal and approximately 3% Denisovan.

Participating in the Genographic Project of the National Geographic Society involves allowing NG to use the results of your deep ancestry and modern mix DNA testing and family history information to attempt to more thoroughly associate genetic markers with locations. This is in order that it might better establish the historical story of settlements and migrations of ancient as well as more recent peoples. However, participation is voluntary. That is, NG will perform the deep ancestry and modern mix testing on an anonymous basis for interested persons (without requiring their results nor family history information to be known). On a known or anonymous basis NG will also test  the amount of archaic DNA that you have (i.e., the amount of Neanderthal and Denisovan DNA that you have). 
To participate in the Genographic Project or just have your DNA tested by NG on an anonymous basis click on the link below:


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I tried posting a comment to the group page but couldn't.

What a great idea to discuss here, I was thinking about this exactly, just a couple of days ago. I don't have the money to spend on at the moment, but I've been wanting to do it for a while. One hesitation... since the testing is anonymous... you are not concerned about posting your IDs in public?


I think there are other agencies who also do testing, more specific testing, looking for particular genetic markers. It would be a nice idea to list them on the group intro page, and their purpose, as we find them :)

 I wonder if because of a climate cycle change that the Ukraine region became a hub.

The new dichotomy there is disgusting.

During the last Ice Age the hunter-gatherers in the north of Europe were forced back south. Spain, Mediterranean France and the Ukraine were some of the major refuges.

re: Paternal update... Very cool John, thanks :)

I look forward to eyeballing more results!

I'm especially curious to compare these lines to those of North America's First Nations.

PS, when I looked into reading the details of the various "red dots" in the timeline, I got French descriptions instead of English, was that your case too?

I'm getting English. I think you have your output set to French. You can change it to English on the upper right hand side of a page.

Of course mine is set to English, everything else is in English...


Where I get French is by doing this:

-Click red dot called Great Leap Forward (third from bottom)

-Within new window select stone tool image

-Nat Geo info bubble is in English, but the image describing the tools is in French...

Do you get to the same location?


PS... same happens with the red dot: animal domestication, the actual individual animals are in French! :) How about you?

Mine is in French too. They just didn't program it right.
Cool, just wanted to be sure it wasn't some weird computer happening. How funny is that that a Nat Geo website has images in French only! :)
For more information on these matters see the correspondence at


My DNA results are there too for both the father's and mother's lines.

I had my family and myself tested through 23andMe. I also got tested through Ancestry.com's test. 23andMe is amazingly in depth and accurate. They have health results and traits on top of heritage.

I wanted to have my DNA tested for risk of disease by 23andMe but the state I am in (Maryland) did not allow it.

I did remember seeing a forum about a few states in New England not allowing it. What's up with that? They did mention that you can have it done if you can get a hold of, and mail out, a test while visiting another state or something.




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