At least, that's what they tell me. It's still shorts and ac weather here. How's everybody holding up? Hubby and I had H1N1 flu a couple of weeks ago. I don't recommend the experience! Fortunately, I seem to have avoided any secondary infections from it.

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I hear the nurse in you talking! There was no test, but hubby works at a college that was having a confirmed outbreak. He came home sick after work. I thought I was going to be OK because I had a week-old flu shot, but soon it became clear that that would not be the case. (That's when I found out that the college had swine flu.) By the time I was sick I didn't feel like going anywhere, especially to the dr. I didn't think about antivirals until after I got well.

Anyway, fever I'm not sure about, but I was actively sick (chills, headache, throwing up, muscle pain, extreme weakness) for 4 days. I slept fitfully with very vivid dreams during this time. (Not sexual, just really vivid.) It took about 4 days after that before I had any energy.

My husband, who was sick first, had fever of 102.6 and never vomited. He was better much more quickly too. Go figure.


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