Early this afternoon I received a Robo-Call from a chicken shit preacher by the name of Prohet Manasseh.  My phone number is on the Do Not Call List.  This animal called me on my cell phone.  I do have unlimited minutes, but do not call me.


His call was about my wanting prayer and he heard I was having a hard time and God told me to call him. 




I know it was raining, thundering and lightening in Houston and I did not hear my name called by anyone with the exception of the bartender asking if I wanted another Margarita or Martini.


Here is this idiot's policy on do not call.  Check out the link.


DNC Policy

Just be prepared for any assault on your religious rights.




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That is extremely annoying. I'm with you. We pay for phones for our convenience, not for uninvited annoyances.




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