Morning! I'm a newcomer here so I thought I'd introduce myself. My name is Becky. I'm a 31-yr. old housewife. I was born with Spina Bifida and hydrocephalus. I'm proud to call myself a life-long atheist.
Do any of you run into people who say, 'oh you just think you don't believe in god because you're bitter about your situation in life, or maybe you're just 'confused?' Well ok I confess, I guess part of the reason I'm an atheist has to do with my disability. But not because I'm bitter. I'm not. If anything, part of the reason is growing up with people saying I'm a "miracle" or some other such nonsense, or trying to 'save' me. And growing up with the problems I have, I see a lot more ugliness in people (school children can be cruel) than the average person ever had to. I guess the point I'm trying to make is, if there was an all-loving god (notice I will not capitalize that word), then why would he allow such suffering and ugliness in the world? It's just not logical. Okay I could rant forever, just wanted to introduce myself and let you guys get to know me a bit. Glad to be here!

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Welcome to the group.

When I was in high school and still forced to go to church with my parents, I remember coming home and playing an Elton John song called "if there's a god in heaven." My father got so mad he almost broke the record, but the song really spoke to me about the hypocrisy of religion.

It is from "Blue Moods" The chorus goes

"If there's a god in heaven, what's he waiting for?
If he can't hear the children, then he must see the war.
Well it seems to me that he leads his lambs
to the slaughterhouse, not the promised land."

Your message reminded me of that song.

One thing that really confused me about the bible was the story of Job. God makes a bet and allows a man to suffer, women and children to suffer, even animals to suffer and for what?




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