The Arctic Sea Ice Forum is abuzz. The sea ice as a whole is rotating clockwise and it's lifted away from Canadian Arctic Archipelago and Greenland with big cracks. Plus there's currently high pressure over the Arctic so there will be clear skies allowing sunshine through. Quote from Frivolousz21

For those who are not aware:

Meteorology speaking this setup is essentially the Holy Grail of having a record-setting Arctic sea of sea ice is sprawling upper level atmospheric ridges of high pressure that exist from top down.

This is the path to dry sinking air and wall to wall sunny skies.  

We have never had a May 20-30th GARGANTUAN RIDGE that preconditioned the ice for huge June and July loses.

Stay tuned

from uniquorn

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from be cause at Arctic Sea Ice Forum:

  All forecasts are for another week of ideal conditions for ice loss . Either the winds or the temperatures would be enough to deepen the threat of accelerated melt .. but both at this time of year .. I have not seen before. 
  Never has the ice been more mobile .. every change in wind direction , even locally , causes a change in ice movement .. and a warm welcome awaits in Barnetz , Fram and Nare's for much or it . 
  This is a very different year to last .. if the weather continues to suit export and melt we will be re-writing the records .. b.c.

Comment by A-Team at Arctic Sea Ice Forum

Wind-driven ice motion has been extraordinary this freeze/melt season. By translocating thicker, older ice into zones that will melt out later in the summer, or exporting ice altogether out of the basin via the Fram, Nares and Svalbard-FJL chain plus blocking Kara Sea ice on the import side, wind-driven ice motion may challenge conventional bottom and top melt this year as the leading ice volume loss mechanism. [emphasis mine]

Comment by Alphabet Hotel at Arctic Sea Ice Forum

This whole season is really starting to look very bad. Ice is just pouring down the Nares Strait, the whole pack is rotating like it sometimes does right at the end of the melt season, and we are just now entering the peak six weeks of northern hemisphere insolation. Unless something unexpected shows up to save things, we are in for a wild ride these next six weeks.
A large surface high pressure system has set up shop over the North Pole and is predicted to stay there and intensify over the next ten days. This will bring clear skies, warm temperatures, and near-record and possibly record melting of Arctic sea ice. Over the next ten days, temperatures are predicted to be near or just above freezing over much of the Arctic Ocean--about 2 - 5°C above average--according to the University of Maine’s Climate Reanalyzer.

The upcoming weather pattern is capable of pushing the sea ice to record-low extent by mid-June.

The latest GFS model forecast suggests that the Arctic high will drift to a location a few hundred miles north of Alaska by mid-June and remain strong. This position and strength is characteristic of the Arctic dipole anomaly, which features unusually high pressure over the Arctic Ocean north of North America and unusually low pressure over northeastern Eurasia. This pattern brings in warm southerly winds along the shores of the East Siberian and Chukchi seas, which favors strong ice melt in these sectors and pushes the ice away from the coast, leaving open water. The pressure pattern also causes loss of Arctic sea ice due to winds that transport of ice out of the Arctic Ocean and into the North Atlantic through Fram Strait, to the east of Greenland. [emphasis mine]

Strong Arctic High-Pressure System Bringing Significant Melting of ...


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