Facing Climate Destabilization fears, Hugging that Monster, means facing far more than hard times and early death. Robert D. Stolorow puts it to us:

The horror that I felt was an extreme form of existential anxiety -- the anxiety that accompanies our recognition that, as finite human beings, we are constantly threatened by impending possibilities of harm, disease, death and loss, which can occur at any time. ... represents not just the destruction of individual human beings but of human civilization itself, ... The destruction of human civilization would also terminate the historical process -- the sense of human history stretching along from the distant past to an open future -- through which we make sense out of our individual existences. I want to call the horror that announces such a possibility apocalyptic anxiety. Apocalyptic anxiety anticipates the collapse of all meaningfulness. And it is from apocalyptic anxiety that we turn away when we deny the extreme perils of climate change. [emphasis mine]

Climate Change, Narcissism, Denial, Apocalyptic Anxiety

Extreme existential anxiety, the loss of all meaning, our third rail of oblivion. This is the death head terrifying us from scientific climate models. Imagining our business-as-usual  destination with every threat magnifier counted, and extrapolating for a thousand years, sucks you through this black hole's horizon before you can inhale.

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Denial and delusion team up to make a deadly soup. Each individual takes a different position:

They know and they know they know;

They know and they don't know they know;

They don't know and know they don't know; 

They don't know  and don't know they don't know. 

So, get the most reliable facts you can find, test it against those who have access to verifiable and reliable information, and keep an open mind. 

Right now, it is beyond my understanding there are those who do not understand climate change is a human-made phenomena. Denial and delusion of voters can be very costly and dangerous. 

There's one thing we'd better learn sooner than later: that the world is NOT the cocoon full of fluffy pink rabbits and other junk from disneyfilms and advertising.

Very few are motivated to look at the "dark" side of humankind and reality. It's emotionally draining to integrate scary facts into one's world when they're disguised, like comic book villains.

That ain't the half of it, Ruth. Neil deGrasse Tyson has his own wonderful take on the whole "perfect world" bullshit:

And he LAUGHS through most of his talk!


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