How Arctic Sea Ice Loss Could Make the Hot Pacific Blob Permanent
Robert Scribbler explains that a new model predicts widespread loss of Arctic sea ice will result in vast heating of the entire Pacific Ocean.

... loss of sea ice at the Arctic Ocean surface produces changes in local wind patterns that ripple through the global atmosphere. After a rather short period of time, wind patterns in the upper levels of the atmosphere and at the surface in the Pacific Ocean become involved. ... the study found that Arctic sea ice loss results in large scale Pacific Ocean warming within just 10-20 years of widespread Arctic Ocean ice reductions
The reason for this change in planetary and Pacific Ocean energy balance is scientifically described as a teleconnection. ... a change in winds, from the top of the atmosphere to the bottom, can swiftly translate to a change in surface temperatures.

Fast Response of the Tropics to an Abrupt Loss of Arctic Sea Ice vi...

Partial copy of the chart from Wang et al (above), highlighting drastic near term prediction.

My take: Near term consequences of our upcoming Blue Ocean Event just became tangible.

The speed of this Pacific Ocean ecosystem collapse is going to be breath taking, probably 30 years. I've seen predictions that full Arctic melting could occur as soon as a decade after the first Blue Ocean Event (less than 1 million square km of sea ice). Now we learn that drastic, irreversible Pacific heating will follow one or two decades after that. No need to wait for a 2°C rise to kick start Pacific basin civilization collapse. Knowledge of what we're doing to ourselves will disrupt the global economy and fossil-fuel Stock Market "stability" at some point before this heat reaches the Equator. What will it be like to live through that panic? 

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