Hoarding is a psychological disorder in which the individual values their belongings almost infinitely. Research says that we all assign about three times as much value to things we already possess than to identical items on store shelves. In hoarding, the brain magnifies this difference so much that people are paralyzed when they need to prioritize to get rid of their least valuable items.

It seems to me that collectively we suffer from a similar disability. Disposal of goods, services and fuel reserves which are integral to fossil fuel based civilization, essential to transition to a sustainable economy, is literally unthinkable. We can’t prioritize switching to a sustainable life now, even when we’re told by scientists that the climate of home will be gone within 35 years if we don't. Like the woman whose children are taken by child services because she couldn’t clear out her home, we face losing what is truly most dear because all of our stuff was too precious to discard.

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Oh I like this Ruth - yes our society is very materialistic.


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