Drilling oil smarter, cheaper, more efficiently -- that's a big tech objective as civilization teeters on the climate tipping point toward self-extinction.

How Google, Microsoft, and Big Tech Are Automating the Climate Crisis

Amazon, Google, and Microsoft have all struck lucrative arrangements—collectively worth billions of dollars—to provide automation, cloud, and AI services to some of the world’s biggest oil companies, and they are actively pursuing more.

These deals, many of which were made just last year, at what may be the height of public awareness of the threats posed by climate change, are explicitly aimed at streamlining, improving, and rendering oil and gas extraction operations more profitable.

While Google, Microsoft, and Amazon may put on a progressive air towards climate change and extol their own clean energy investments, they are in reality deep into the process of automating the climate crisis.

“It is indeed disturbing to see the tech industry helping move civilization back into the fossil age even as they purport to be about cutting edge technology intended to lead us into the future,” said Dr. Michael Mann, ... “It ultimately speaks to the amorality of corporate interests.” [order changed, emphasis mine]

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"Automating the climate crisis" rather than using technology to help mitigate it -- well put!

How to store electricity:

Here's a link with some ideas;


- there are more of course  such as flywheels, pump stations, compressed air into mines. Wave and tidal energy doesn't need to be stored.




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