Studies of past vegetation change, when similar warming happened, predict such so much ecosystem change that the new global vegetation will be completely different. But this time plants are being heated over one or two hundred years instead of ten to twenty thousand years. In other words the planet we'll leave to our children and grandchildren will be unrecognizable.

Most land-based ecosystems worldwide risk 'major transformation' du...

…under a "business as usual" emissions scenario, … vegetation changes across the planet's wild landscapes will likely be more far-reaching and disruptive than earlier studies suggested. The changes would … derail vital services that nature provides to humanity, such as water security, … "If we allow climate change to go unchecked, the vegetation of this planet is going to look completely different than it does today,…
Forty-two researchers from around the world contributed to the paper. [Jonathan] Overpeck stressed that the team's results are not merely hypothetical…. "We're talking about global landscape change that is ubiquitous and dramatic," Overpeck said. "And we're already starting to see it in the United States, as well as around the globe." … the new study, which took five years to complete, is the first to use paleoecological data -- the records of past vegetation change present in ancient pollen grains and plant fossils from hundreds of sites worldwide -- to project the magnitude of future ecosystem changes on a global scale. "We're talking about the same amount of change in 10-to-20 thousand years that's going to be crammed into a century or two," … "A lot of the carbon now locked up by vegetation around the planet could be released to the atmosphere, further amplifying the magnitude of the climate change," Overpeck said. [emphasis mine]

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Guess we are doomed.. but wait.. Trump says it is all Chinese hoax..

He's strangely concerned about the "hoax" when it threatens his own golf courses...

In one or two centuries, instead of in ten or twenty milennia?

Ruth, wiii you please let natural selection improve on Homo Sapiens. ; <}

For a more readable take on this research try No Ecosystem on Earth Is Safe From Climate Change.

… Earth’s entire land surface is more than 75 percent likely to switch over its biome entirely. Dorothy Peteet, a senior research scientist at NASA … “the wild cards” of modern climate change made it hard to know the shape of that future vegetation change. “The nonlinearity of drought and rainfall,” as well as extensive wildfires or floods, “may affect vegetation greatly.”


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