Fire and Drought May Push Amazonian Forests Beyond Tipping Point

The Amazon forest, known as the lungs of our planet, could change abruptly due to longer droughts from Climate Destabilization. Expect “Abrupt increases in Amazonian tree mortality due to drought-fire interactions.”

Woods Hole Research Center scientists Michael Coe, Paulo Brando, Marcia Macedo and colleagues … found that prolonged droughts caused more intense and widespread wildfires, which consumed more forests in Amazonia than previously understood.

“This study shows that fires are already degrading large areas of forests in Southern Amazonia and highlights the need to include interactions between extreme weather events and fire when attempting to predict the future of Amazonian forests under a changing climate.”

“None of the models used to evaluate future Amazon forest health include fire, so most predictions grossly underestimate the amount of tree death and overestimate overall forest health,” said Dr. Coe. The results of this project show that extreme droughts may interact with fires to push Amazonian forests beyond a tipping point that may abruptly increase tree mortality and change vegetation over large areas. [emphasis mine]

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We know so little about the mechanical workings of Earth. Not only is the research revealing more dire warnings, the powers that be continue to search for new coal, oil, and gas to burn. Human genius and madness at work. Hopefully,  genius prevails. 

I'm Twitting with attribution to you. 




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