Adam Frank at NPR argues that people will feel the economic impact of Climate Change will force the public to wake up. Feeling the Economic Impact of Climate Change

The bottom line on climate change is going to be our bottom line. It's the economy that may be the first place we are forced to really wake up to what climate change means for society.

...the climate system is the underpinning of the economic system. Production and trade do not occur in a vacuum. They occur in the real world of soil and oceans, rainfall and atmospheric flows. Our most basic economic assumptions — the foundations of our way of life — are challenged when the conditions in this real world change. [emphasis mine]

It's ironic that conservative-minded economics has been an ideological foundation for Climate Change Denial. The collapse of the economy will, once again, reveal the incompetence of this discipline. But unlike the financial collapse, this time the community won't be able get a taxpayer bailout and ignore their mistakes, still claiming to be experts.

Inhofe's admission -- a tell of the right wing's limited economic horizon.

Once the economy has suffered, in anguish we'll desperately lack the resources to make those changes which only seemed too costly a decade ago. Penny wise and pound foolish.

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I don't know that we'll see any further "collapse". The economy has been "collapsing" for a while now. Economics adapts to 'collapse' by further squeezing the base, the workers, so as to maintain and/or continue to improve the quality of life of the 1%. This has been the managmeent style since the 80s. The buying power of our salaries has been dropping for a very long time.




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