Early May weather pattern will be especially extreme in Northern He...

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The jet stream in quasi-resonance. See six jet stream troughs, in blue above, where storms are likely to be stuck. You guessed it, due to Arctic warming.

During the course of the next 10 days or more, the weather pattern across the Northern Hemisphere will feature an undulating, wavy jet stream that will be stuck in place, with storms backed up like cars on an interstate highway at rush hour. 

Large dips in the jet stream, which is the narrow current of fast-flowing air at high altitudes that plays a crucial role in creating and steering weather systems, will lead to prolonged periods of cool, wet weather across the West and East Coasts of the U.S. Snow is even possible in parts of the Northeast U.S. during the second week of May. (Seriously.)

At the same time, unseasonably mild weather is projected to envelop Greenland and parts of Canada, potentially initiating an early start to the ice melt season there and melting remaining snow cover in Alberta and Nunavut.

And this is just part of the story. Extremes will also occur further east, across Europe, Russia, and eastern Asia.

... historic extreme events, many of which are heightened by global warming, tend to be associated with these types of highly-amplified, nearly stuck weather patterns. 

... you should pay particularly close attention to forecasts during the next two weeks.  [emphasis mine]

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Climate change deniers in political office wouldn't allow you to post such threats to the coal, gas and other carbon based conglomerates.

Those corporations -- our "Unelected Corporate Government" -- are indeed the real power in government, often giving legislators model bills through their lobbyists, that the legislators sometimes introduce without having read!




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