Surely you know that climate destabilization increases heavy rainfall events. Remember atmospheric rivers?

The strongest atmospheric rivers carry as much water, in its gaseous form, as a Category 5 hurricane. A handful of atmospheric rivers can deliver half of California’s rainfall in a matter of days.

A new study by Angeline G. Pendergrass and Reto Knutti quantifies how rainfall is distorting (temporal asymmetry).

The uneven nature of daily precipitation and its change

Currently, at 1°C rise, the median of all rain gauges worldwide has half of annual precipitation concentrated in 12 heavy-downpour days. Things will get worse!

"In response to warming, unevenness increases in 97% of climate models."

In a scenario with high greenhouse‐gas emissions, one‐fifth of the projected increase in rain falls in the wettest two days of the year, and seventy percent in the wettest two weeks. Adjusting modeled unevenness to match present‐day unevenness at stations, half of precipitation increase occurs in the wettest 6 days each year.

We're not just talking flash floods washing out nuclear power stations at rivers and flood plain death zones. Think about losing our soil, the impact on crops.

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Another reason it's cheaper to totally reorganize our civilization NOW, rather than missing our window of action.

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