We're surrounded by false claims.

From Kermit to Coal, Book Reveals How World's Top Brands Greenwash ...

...that seems to be the rule when it comes to claims of climate-friendliness made by some of the world's biggest brands.

Check the small print, and the responsible green hue soon fades to something resembling bullsh*t-brown (or whatever color denotes hypocrisy). At least that's the conclusion after reading Australian author and researcher Guy Pearse's latest book.

After checking the brand's actual contribution to climate change (or their lack of transparency) in more than 700 company reports, Pearse finds in Greenwash: Big Brands and Carbon Scams that the green revolution is being either grossly overblown or faked.

Some 24 industry sectors, a host of "eco-celebs" and most of the world's top brands are covered in the book and very few emerge unscathed.

Pearse also reserves some criticism for environmental groups who allow their brands or their projects to be aligned with emissions-intensive businesses, including major coal and oil companies or their financiers (think Earth Hour).
Shell probably wins as the most prolific and shameless case. Even as they seek to expand oil and gas production by a sixth in 5 years there seems no limit to the fantasies woven into their climate-friendly advertising pitch ... [emphasis mine]

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Yes, it's the obvious conclusion of a media and wishy-washy environmentalists who say things like : "vote with your wallet". If the market is good at one single thing, it's satisfying human vanity. Buying green is a vanity purchase for most. Wallets make the worst citizens.


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