The health effects of climate destabilization may already be manifesting along the Pacific coast of Central and South America, 30% of people in lowland areas of many countries have elevated creatinine levels, indicating kidney failure. Working long hours in the heat without adequate hydration is causing an epidemic of kidney failure.

Mystery disease kills thousands in Central America

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These terrible photos revealing the suffering and deaths of men and their mourning families is heartbreaking. No human should be treated this way. If that is what it takes for me to get sugar in my morning coffee, I will forego that treat. 
Is there any serious investigation going on to identify and correct these conditions? Surely public pressure might help.  

I suspect this is more because of abusive work conditions than climate change.  It's very bad, awful, but I don't know that there is s significant increase in temperature in the coastal area.

It might be more an increase in relative humidity than temperature alone. Lowland areas are predicted to have the most heat stroke deaths during heat waves, because they tend to have high relative humidity. I'm guessing the same might apply to repeated dehydration. The workers may be experiencing greater physiological stress, under the same terrible work conditions that prevailed for decades, because their bodies can't sweat as efficiently. Or, the water table may have taken salt intrusion as sea levels rise and evaporation rates rise. If they're drinking saltier water, that stresses kidneys all by itself.

Thanks for the link to the article. Maybe Sentient has a point --maybe work conditions along with the climate are to blame.


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