"reduce recycle reuse ..."   that's all there's is to it - isn't it ?


We hear about some of the simple little things we can do, all the time.

From trading in your gus-guzzling SUV, to stop buying so much bottled water ... to buying locally grown produce instead of that produced on the opposite side of the country ...    and onto to the more complicated issues of green energy production - from proclamations that "wind power is the answer !" .... etc. etc. etc.


But is that the best we can do ?  Is the human race really that clueless to the overwhelming fact that the real root of all the problems on this planet is that there's just simply too many of us ?


Maybe we aren't that far from "Do your part to save the planet - recycle your toilet paper" ?!




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There are many many non-scientists, and a few «other» scientists that simply do not believe the carrying capacity determined by biologists, as if biology were a lesser science than humanities and physics and computers... Until people catch up on some essential biology concepts, these distorted views will remain :(
Is the human race really that clueless to the overwhelming fact that the real root of all the problems on this planet is that there's just simply too many of us ?

While population is a significant factor, the unsustainable overconsumption of resources by the developed nations and the rich is also a root cause of our problems.
Not at all clueless that the real problem is overpopulation.

I'm doing my part there as well by never having had children (by choice), and having had my uterus removed just to be sure.

Since it's not legal for me to exterminate any of the existing population, I'm stuck with childlessness and recycling.

Seriously, I can't see any fair, just, humane way to legislate population control. It's kind of pointless to tell friends and family that I disapprove of them having kids because there are already too many in this world. Though when they seem open to it in conversation, I'll say that I'm childless and why.

I do know a couple or three who almost had kids just because it's the thing to do, then wised up. Very, very happy couples.
I have so been in that situation. Once at work I was having this conversation with a girl I didn't know had been trying desperately to get pregnant for the last two years. Needless to say that crashed that budding relationship.
I think the only fair, humane, just way to achieve population control is to make it part of our social norm. The biggest offender: Christianity railing against birth control, sex ed and abortion, promoting children as trophies that make you revered by society, but simultaneously angry that poor people keep having "Welfare babies."

Another big offender - and I cringe at myself saying it's the media's fault - but the media could help a lot in this regard. How many shows have I so thoroughly enjoyed with its strong, independent characters (particularly female characters), then boom! They get pregnant and realize it's just what they've always wanted. Hey, here's an idea: Strong independent characters that don't want to have children. That aren't against children, but just don't want to add to a population boom. Or, if you must add a baby for ratings, have them adopt on principle.

I have a friend that her granddaughter is being raised in a Barbie-free household. They want the child to make her own choices and she's shown some signs of asking for a baby doll based on what she gets in Daycare. But for the most part, they're trying to steer her away from the Barbie, the baby dolls, the E-Z-Bake ovens, and more towards animals, construction toys, puzzles, books...

We need more parents/grandparents like that!
EEh, I'm not sure educating girls "like boys" will help any. It just maybe will make them worse mothers...

Also at fault is our ever expanding economic system. Take Canada, it doesn't really matter how much Canadians stop having babies, the government keeps importing cheap labour from poor countries to prop up the economy. This drain in population from poorer places just serves to enable their own repopulating trend and enables them to make more and more babies...

When we slow the procreation considerably, there are economic effects and our governments need to acknowledge this and stop going for the always "total population growth" paradigm.

We need to live with our reality. Less than replacement birthrates NEED to make population LOWERING effects, now convince the government of this!




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