Warmists New Claim: Little Ice Age Caused By American Settlers

Can you imagine what it would be like if scientists were discussing the deaths of millions, not in terms of moral outrage, but rather the effect on reducing Co2 emissions?

If you follow the news on global warming, you’ll have noticed an increasing trend towards studies that try and show a link between historical events and climactic changes, inevitably blaming them (somehow) on mankind in general.

Yet another one of these studies has just been released from the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Laussane of Switzerland, which suggests that the little ice age can be blamed on the early American settlers:

more here

If you read through the link and click on New Model of Man’s Role in Climate Change you will see how human's have effected climate change for over 2000 years. I've read other articles saying human's changed the climate as soon as the agricultural revolution by cutting down and burning huge amounts of forests to plant crops.

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Here are two more video's about Central America and MesoAmerica. I like how these have a year clock in the video. It's too bad all of them aren't like that.

Soil Erosion in Mesoamerica showing how high rates of soil erosion are associated with humid, steep terrain, and human impact from 8000 BP to 0 BP.

Afforestation of the Americas (AD 1500-1700),
showing the fraction of a gridcell under natural vegetation.
Published in Kaplan et al., The Holocene, 2010.

Being a climate scientist seems like it would be an interesting job with a lot of subspecialties.

Interesting to look at the evolving maps.  With the soil erosion one, I kept thinking "time to put in terraces".  Probably not a solution in modern times with field-based farm equipment.




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