If you've followed the discussion Methane, More Scary Than We Thought, you're aware of accelerating methane release. While the current amount of methane release is only 10% of what's needed for runaway heating, the Methane Bomb, our fossil fuel civilization seems determined to accelerate burn ever more fossil fuel in the coming decades. Many scientists expect combining additional CO2 with already destabilizing methane hydrates will more than match the Permian Extinction.

Now is the time to stop fossil fuel madness, and overthrow the stranglehold fossil fuel corporations have on our politics, mass media, and economic institutions!

The 'Ticking Time Bomb' That Could Cause Such Rapid Global Warming ...

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Persistently High Methane Concentrations over Beaufort Sea

August 12th a large methane release happened over the East Siberia Sea, and this article reports similarly large release from the Beaufort Sea, above Alaska, from August 14th to 17th. I agree with Sam Carana that The Clathrate Gun has fired. See the large area of yellow at the top left of these images.

The persistent character of these very high methane concentrations over the Arctic Ocean indicates that methane has started to erupt from clathrates under the seabed, triggered by very warm water reaching the bottom of the Arctic Ocean.

Methane eruptions from hydrates in sediments under the Arctic Ocean helped mean methane levels reach new records, with mean global methane readings as high as 1835 parts per billion recorded at several altitudes on August 17, 2014.

Warm water is penetrating the Arctic Ocean from both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. An important Climate Change Tipping Point is upon us. It isn't even the end of the Arctic melt season yet.




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