The National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) released a study that projects drought levels much worse than the Dust Bowl for the US Midwest within 20 to 30 years if CO2 emissions are only moderate. On the Palmer Drought Severity Index, the Dust Bowl rarely exceeded -3. A large area is project to reach -4 to -10. Notice that's worse than the Sahara.

Mexico, Central America, and the Mediterranean also look extremely dry.

Fossil Fuels = Extreme Weather (obviously)

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New information suggests that the intensity of storms coming off the oceans will rise, and that will become an important factor in predicting drought and intense rainfall events.

Weather-Making High-Pressure Systems Predicted to Intensify

High-pressure systems over oceans, which largely determine the tracks of tropical cyclones and hydrological extremes in much of the northern hemisphere, are likely to intensify this century,...

...they could play an increasingly important role in shaping regional climate, particularly the occurrence of drought and extreme summer rainfall, in coming years.

According to the simulations, these high-pressure systems will intensify over the 21st century as a result of increasing greenhouse-gas concentrations. The simulations suggest that an increase in the land-sea thermal contrast -- the difference between ocean and land heating, as Earth's climate warms -- will fuel the systems' intensification. [emphasis mine]


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