Lisa Hymas shares Nader's damming perspective on Obama's motives and impact.

Ralph Nader bashes Obama for being weak on climate, Keystone

Nader says there’s a clear reason why Obama hasn’t been tying energy issues to climate change:

There’s just too much money that has to be raised for the campaign. And if you look at the hospitality suites in Charlotte and Tampa, they weren’t exactly anti-global-warming hospitality suites. They were the coal industry, the energy industry, and the gas industry, and the money pours in.

And he basically thinks he’s got the liberals on the climate issue and solar energy — they got nowhere to go — and so he’s trying to carve out a slice of additional voters on the right side of the spectrum.

“Obama is the lesser of the two evils” compared to Mitt Romney, Nader acknowledged, but Obama is “the most effective evil, because he brings credibility, he brings the democratic heritage to it, he has legitimized the lawless war-mongering and militarism abroad of George W. Bush.” [emphasis mine]

Sadly, I agree with Nader's here. That's why I left the Democratic Party for the Green Party years ago. Political victory now is the Democrat's bottom line, far outweighing humanity's surviving the next two centuries.

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I always liked Ralph Nader too.

We urgently need a preference voting system such as Instant Runoff Voting, so voters can support candidates outside the establishment duopoly without helping the worse of the weevils.

(Modified from a picture at Bay of Fundie -- "Keeping the Radical Right at Bay")


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