Paul Krugman Has Some Truly Shocking News About Climate Change

Nobel-prize winning economist Paul Krugman claims that economic growth doesn't conflict with switching from fossil fuel to green energy.

... the view that economic growth can only be fueled, so to speak, by "ever-rising emissions of greenhouse gases." It is high-time to debunk that myth.

Krugman's biggest beef is with the prophets of "climate despair," whom he says exist on both the right on the left. The Koch-fueled right is more pernicious in its virulent insistence that economic growth and emissions slashing are absolutely at odds. But there are those on the left and even scientists who agree.

This, Krugman says is because of a fundamental and fairly crude misunderstanding of what economic growth actually is, and a failure to understand that "reduced emissions would produce large benefits in the short-to-medium run. So saving the planet would be cheap and maybe even come free."

Not to put too fine a point on it, Krugman concludes: "Climate despair is all wrong. The idea that economic growth and climate action are incompatible may sound hardheaded and realistic, but it’s actually a fuzzy-minded misconception. If we ever get past the special interests and ideology that have blocked action to save the planet, we’ll find that it’s cheaper and easier than almost anyone imagines." [emphasis mine]

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