U.N. Report from Rio on Environment a ‘Suicide Note’

The recent three-day meeting was more easily known as Rio+20, but so few specifics, so few targets, so few tangible decisions came out of the gathering that some participants were derisively calling it “Rio Minus 20,” or “Rio Plus 20 Minus 40.”

“A failure of epic proportions” was the verdict from Kumi Naidoo, executive director of Greenpeace International.

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At least there was this:


"Ms. Earle, the National Geographic explorer, was somewhat heartened that the summit meeting had again put a spotlight, if only briefly, on environmental issues that have perhaps been overlooked, diminished or pushed aside due to the world economic malaise and calls for government austerity."

I've been reading about the disastrous meetings - that didn't make the American press. Suicide note is a good tile for the post-meeting report.




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