Seagrass carbon sinks fast disappearing: study

Seagrass is crucial to slowing climate change because of its remarkable capacity to absorb greenhouse gases, with some experts saying it is as important as forests in the fight against global warming.

Dr Peter Macreadie, Australian Research Council DECRA Fellow and a seagrass expert with the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS), said ...

“My colleagues and I at UTS predict, based on recent global estimates of seagrass decline, that if nothing is done to halt seagrass decline there will be none left in 50 years time,” he said.

“And that doesn’t take into account the effects of climate change; we just hit 400 ppm atmospheric CO2 for the first time in human history. [emphasis mine]

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Overfishing is destroying coastal saltmarshes from Long Island to Cape Cod, by removing predators which used to keep crabs in check.

... Sesarma are ravaging the marshes because overfishing has reduced the predators that would naturally keep the crabs in check.

Crabs killing Northeast saltmarshes, study confirms

So here's another way that overfishing accelerates Climate Destabilization.




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