In Introductory Letter 0.3, futurist Alex Steffen says climate reality demands a new way of understanding politics, culture, and human nature. I see Riane Eisler's Partnership Culture as essential for sustainablity.

Steffen describes our new reality.

... it is a place of limits, in which we must recognize that the planet is fundamentally singular, finite and balanced.

We already have everything we will ever have, at least for the meaningfully imaginable future.

Finally, this new reality is balanced. The systems on which humanity depends are themselves a web of interconnected systems, with complex relationships and non-intuitive processes of change. ... right now our grasp of those systems is still rudimentary ...

We are exceeding the limits of the planet’s systems, and that, in turn, is destabilizing the balance of earthly systems on which our very lives depend.

... the central ideas of the Industrial Era simply don’t match reality. That means that almost every system developed within that mindset now fails to connect to reality as we now understand it, as well.

We’re talking about bedrock beliefs ... how we describe the destinations towards which humanity itself might be moving...

Because we have waited so long, the kinds of changes we now need are not adjusted versions of our current systems, but our current systems remade or replaced to work in fundamentally different ways.

... we need new ways to understand and reorient our political systems, our cultures as peoples, our natures as human beings.

... expect to co-evolve with new versions of human culture ... [emphasis mine]

Riane Eisler's work provides anthropological perspective. It's obvious that Dominator Culture is inherently incompatible with a singular, finite, balanced world. Consider that the most dominator elements in US culture are those opposed to acknowledging Climate Destabilization.

From my point of view, as long as Dominator Culture prevails we’ll try to cope by stealing from others, such as choosing war to guarantee a supply of Mideast oil. When it’s clear we have to retreat, dominator hierarchy would create armed enclaves of the richest that use armies to scour the land for remaining resources/slaves. They would be concerned only with elite prosperity and control, NOT with the habitability of the planet. Dominator Culture embraces “man’s dominion over the earth”.

Like Stockholm Syndrome, it depends upon violence-based fear and denial of other possibilities.

It’s fundamentally incapable of making sense of climate destabilization in terms of ecological balance. It presupposes unlimited resources from nature to be extracted by force/labor. Dominator Culture is rooted in hunting and herding, where the necessary slaughter of animals is moral and self-enhancing, where physical coercion and weapons equal power. Dominator Culture took over when weapons technologies such as horses and archery made it more efficient to take resources than to grow/build them. Advanced weapons technologies still support dominance hierarchies. Weapons can’t solve the ultimate challenge of  destabilizing planet chemistry. Dominator Culture is  self-limiting in the Anthropocene Era. It doesn’t support what Alex Steffen calls planetary thinking.

Riane Eisler’s insights stand alone with a constructive destination for humanity trapped in a decomposing environment. Our only viable cultural solution is to invent a Partnership Culture where every activity is measured by its impact on sustainability. Global Justice, for example, isn’t just necessary to draw developing countries to participate in a global plan, i.e. as a means to an end.  Global Justice is a reflection of the Partnership values we must embrace.

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