Texas Drought Spawning Fires and Dust-Bowl Like Conditions

Texas drought is so severe that the soil is breaking down. Livestock and agriculture are at risk.

Like California, Texas is on the verge of an epic drought that can devastate the state's livestock and agriculture industries and force consumers to ration water in the next several months. Moreover, the threat of dust storms and wildfires continue to grow as the drought continues into the Spring and Summer.

This historic drought began in October 2010.

... 34 communities could run out of water within three months. Moreover, a dozen municipal areas are reporting that they have 45 days or less of water.

Fast-moving fires are already starting to move through Texas,...

Soil quality is reportedly so poor that even when the rains do come, the accompanying winds are still able to blow about what little moistened soil there is. Farmers are calling these wind storms “haboobs,”...

At their strongest, haboob winds often travel at more than 60 mph and they may come with very little warning.   Dust storms can have a devastating effect on crops and livestock. They can also have a negative impact on the health and well being of the people of those near the storms.

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