Climate departure means that the average year's temperature will be hotter than the previous heat record. Where I live will be like that by 2050. The first column of numbers assumes business as usual, exactly what the real world is doing. The second column shows the year if a concerted effort were made now to constrain CO2.

The Year of Climate Departure for World Cities

If your city isn't in the list, find your location on the map and check the meaning for that color. Philadelphia is in the yellow.

When will your weather become unbearable?

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I think my area is experiencing this climate change now. Checking the chart.

USA Austin 2058 2090

Well, it seems I will be gone by 2050, my children will be in their 80s, grandchildren in their 60s, great-grandchildren will be in their 40s and 50s. 

What can we do now to prepare them for best case/worst case? I suppose just more of the same. Good work habits, resourcefulness, flexibility, pay attention to trends, build strong families and communities, learn stress management and have fun today; the Golden Years may be more golden than green. Family planning.

A real depressing list, even if I won't be old enough to see much of it. Here we're sitting like the boiled frogs we are and not one person with enough influence moves a finger towards adequate action. And yes Joan, your ideas are good, but will they stop climate change?


Amsterdam 2058


No Chris, that is the point. So much of what happens ... terrible storms, climate change, growing poverty rates, spreading gap between rich and poor, there is nothing one person can do about these things. A group of people can be inspired by one person, but it takes community to bring about the changes of this magnitude.

Many other cultures have faced these kinds of life-altering events. For example, the Netherlands and the Ice Ages, the reclaiming of the land from the sea.

I live in a volcanically active area on the west cost of USA. We have the west side of the Continental Plate and within a days' drive of the Yellowstone Caldera to the east. Each part of Earth has its hazards, whether geologic or weather changes. We may be living on a cusp of a new era. 

I enjoy this playlist and it puts time and space into perspective. You may enjoy watching one or some of the videos here, not for the genetic history, although I enjoy watching that aspect, but just notice how many changes take place over time. We exist as part of the time/space. The thing that surprised me was the role of weather change in the migration patterns of humans out of Africa. 

The Human Family Tree + Playlist



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