Zoomed-In Climate Models Help Alaska Communities Plan for Uncertain...

"The urgency for climate modeling known as downscaling' is greatest in Alaska, which has warmed twice as fast as the rest of the country. 

"Hunters in the Alaskan village of Wainwright, a community of about 550 Inupiat Eskimos at the lip of the Chukchi Sea, have long harvested bowhead whales from the ocean. Each spring, crews of 15-25 hunters set out in umiaqs—boats made from seal skins and caribou sinew. The hunters usually launch from Point Belcher, where the ice cracks open to expose the water in slivers called "leads." Then the whalers follow these narrow channels to the sea.

"They may land whales as long as 55 feet, but a young whale that is as round as it is long—about 30 feet—called a "butterball," is considered the most succulent. Successful captains share the fresh catch in a big home feast right after the harvest. The rest of the thousands of pounds of meat feeds the villagers through the next winter."

Amy Nordrum, Inside Climate News Aug 26,

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Alaska is changing so fast, they need for accurate prediction. Thanks, Joan.




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