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Compiled Comments: Epicureanism And The Meaning Of Attachment

Comment by Dr. Allan H. Clark    The problem I find with Epicureanism is that once you form an attachment to a lover, spouse, child, or fri…

Started by Maruli Marulaki

3 Feb 28, 2016
Reply by James

The Festival of Epicurus coming up in mid-January

Ancient sources cite the 10th day of the month of Gamelion as the day of Epicurus' birth.  As such, he held a feast in his Garden, and late…

Started by Hiram

2 Jan 21, 2013
Reply by Maruli Marulaki

Epicureanism: Consideration And Responsibility

I have been watching a video containing a male interpretation of Epicurus' philosophy.   (Thanks, Hiram, for the link in the 'Garden Of Epi…

Started by Maruli Marulaki

0 Jan 18, 2013

A Pragmatic Approach To Modern Frugality

Hiram mentions frugality and self-sufficiency in one of his posts.   This made me to ponder over the meaning of frugality as a life style. …

Started by Maruli Marulaki

0 Jan 2, 2013

Epicureanism: a Secular Doctrine for Happiness

Epicureanism is a humanist philosophical doctrine for human happiness. It requires us to make a firm resolution to live a happy life and…

Started by Hiram

5 Dec 26, 2012
Reply by Rich Goss

Autarchy and Its Relevance Today

The word autarchy derives from the Greek: αὐτάρκεια, which means “self-sufficiency” (derived from αὐτο-, “self,” and ἀρκέω, “to suffice”).…

Started by Hiram

0 Dec 26, 2012

Death and the Skeptic

The following is a piece I wrote for the Humanist, a publication of the American Humanist Association.  It deals with death, and in the art…

Started by Hiram

0 Dec 26, 2012

The Significant Difference Between Epicureanism And Hedonism From A Woman's Perspective

I was asked, why I put so much emphasis on the difference between Epicureanism and Hedonism. The background for this emphasis or even bias…

Started by Maruli Marulaki

0 Jul 19, 2012

The Paradigm Of An Epicurean Legal System

The Paradigm Of An Epicurean Legal SystemThe paradigm of the legal systems of christian societies is unfortunately biased in favor of the e…

Started by Maruli Marulaki

0 Oct 14, 2011

Bell Curve's Two Extremes Are Not A Dichotomy

Bell Curve's Two Extremes Are Not A DichotomyBeing an intrinsic epicurean myself and on the quest to find a mindmate being the same, I am b…

Started by Maruli Marulaki

0 Oct 6, 2011




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