Bell Curve's Two Extremes Are Not A Dichotomy

Being an intrinsic epicurean myself and on the quest to find a mindmate being the same, I am biased in my personal perspective and preference.    To clarify, what being an epicurean means, I am contrasting it with hedonism.   Contrasting dark black with bright white only accents a difference, it does not deny the many shades of gray in between.  

I am contrasting the two extremes of epicureanism and hedonism, but I am fully aware that on the bell curve the majority of people are in the middle.   They are any kind of mixture or combination of being neither hedonists nor epicureans.   As an extreme epicurean myself, I feel the most different from the extreme hedonists.  I feel less different from the people in the middle, but I am still different.  

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