I have been watching a video containing a male interpretation of Epicurus' philosophy.   (Thanks, Hiram, for the link in the 'Garden Of Epicurus' group elsewhere.)

In one part:


the author is talking about the wisdom of considering before acting, what price in pain has to be paid as the consequence of indulging in pleasure.

Unfortunately he presents (or rather misrepresents) it as an entirely selfish and self-centered balancing considering only the own person without any reference to avoiding the pain done to others.   Basically this guy claims, that if someone expects to get more pleasure than pain for himself, then there is no reason to refrain from any indulgence, even when this includes the abuse of women's bodies.

He talks about a man's decision to have sex or not the same way as if he were talking about his decision to use a car or not.   He implicitly considers women as utilities, not as human beings deserving consideration, respect and to be spared pain.

By his interpretation, even Genghis Khan would have behaved in accordance with Epicurus.   Genghis Khan had the power to get away with raping thousands of women without himself suffering bad consequences.

As a woman, I am appalled by the author's very selfish, irresponsible and inconsiderate attitude, which he shows implicitly by some of his examples.   He misleads people to think that the objectification of women were in accordance with Epicurus.

One of the core statements of the Epicurean philosophy is "neither to harm nor be harmed".    This responsible perspective towards others is even mentioned first.

Based upon this, the correct application of the balancing of pain and pleasure includes the consideration and responsibility to avoid hurting and harming others and to restrict indulgence in any pleasure to when there are no suffering victims.

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