Intrinsic Epicureanism Or Extrinsic Apparently Epicurean Life Style

When I read about the life style based upon the philosophy of Epicurus, I did not decide to adopt it, I did not become a disciple attempting to imitate an admired guru.  I had no wish to change myself.   Not at all.  It was the other way around, I found my own personal comfort zone of a life style described.  
It is as if Epicurus' philosophy has been genetically wired into my own brain as a core part of my identity and personality.   Reading about it was just finding a label for my own being, it gave me the reassurance that there are others like me.  
I am looking for a likeminded mindmate.   From what I have read so far, Epicurus himself would be a perfect match for me.   What a pity, that he lived 2300 years too early or I too late.  There is only one reason, why I would not have wanted to have lived in his time:  There was no safe way to avoid breeding.    
If there were a time machine, I would use it to meet him and then I would bring him back into the present time.  

Intrinsic epicureanism means that someone feels content, happy, satisfied, at ease and comfortable when living the life style of Epicurus' philosophy.   Otherwise someone is not by his identity an epicurean.  
An apparently epicurean lifestyle due by extrinsic reasons as is submission to a religion, fear of punishment, wish for a reward, consideration for others or just anhedonia impeding hedonism is not intrinsic epicureanism, as it is externally imposed and not a part of the personality.

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