It is a contradictory statement, is it not?
But then, aren't nonexistant things merely those that cannot interact with our universe?
Doesn't the very possibility of a multiverse seem to imply that chaos is the foundation of our orderly delusions?
Isn't it the impossibility of Nonexistance's necessary existance that Real 1st cause?

It permeated imaginary worlds that are indistinguishable from ours in this Void, that of nonexistance; this is the explanation for the fact that truth cannot ever be positively defined by either induction or deduction.

All that was necessary for everything to exist is one thing that can be many things- can you guess at such a queer metaphysical substance?
What Is it's importance to Chaos- and it's little brother, it's child- Order? These are the questions that followers of Faithlessness must ponder to be truly Lost! Curse the darkness, that it may devour You!

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False truths are kept in the cookie jar in the cupboard above the sink.

The opposite of everything is true too. At least that's what Schrodinger's cat told Pavlov's dog while the latter was more than happy simply living the life that was expected of him. He was, after all, well fed. Our feline heroine took home some wisdom as well, appreciating that reality is what you can get away with.
Well a false truth is that black and white are the same, when of coures the opposite is true- that black and white are not the same. It depends a great deal on what black and white mean for different people. If we are talking colors, we might be discussing a society where blindness is a born trait- cave dwellers that live like hyper-intelligent ants. And there are states of psychology where a person is incapable of distiguishing between two very different things.

Are they trapping themselves in an illusion, or merely experiensing a small loop of contradictory conceptual metaverses? Why simply assume that there is only one thing that can be expresseed in two forms- energy, expressed as matter, and the field of space- merely an extention of gravitational feilds? the real issue of spiritualism is that is doesn't encompass the posibility of More than three states of being. Eris No doubt embodies all substances and forms. We Discordians are privy to this divine truth.
I suppose the question then becomes, is Universe analog or digital?

For example, those with an analogic view of Universe would rebuke your definition by stating that black and white are merely subjective expressions comparing levels of intensity of electromagnetic radiation. A rain drop and the ocean being made of the same stuff. We're no longer thinking about yes and no and 1 and 0, we've got the maybes, the not-quites and the wouldn't-it-be-cool-ifs. The number of states of being no longer can be looked at in terms of whole numbers. Not three, nor five, but somewhere in between. In fact, given Eris' sense of humour and infinite wisdom, I wouldn't be surprised if the answer was found in golden apple pi. All this may sound heretical, but it's just a theory. Eris knows far more than I do not and I am just a humble servant.
(Redacted: Heresy)
i would have to make the statement that for all intents and purposes, Black IS White. One cannot exist withought the other. The degrees of grey are a testament to this truth. But whether analog or digital, information is encoded on the substances in the universe. All that is not encoded, but is freely floating, does not interact with the world that we view. Such sweet nectar is heresy on my lips! May Eris bless me for my crimes against her, seeing that truth is in fact the last thing she ould even want the wide world to posses!
But i must state for the record that our universe only has a few irrrational mathmatical constants- mainly pi and e. There are an infinite amount of different possibilities, and, if our physical universe had different properties regarding quantum mechanics and spacetime, then our arrogantly anthropomorphised mathmatical devises would have never been construsted. We are not the only pets of Eris- there is a great Multiverse of possible illusions- all of which are taken to be the one and only Reality.

But why make that distinction once again? Aren't all true-truths and false-truths expressed in the fullness of Impossibility- that divine state of Nonxistance that Eris keeps for herself. She lives in that domain- and thusly her power is limitless! Recognize the futility of your gods' efforts, O lowly Man! What can possibly contend with that that is beyond the very scope of Reality itself?!




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