How many people interested in ethics here put their ethics where their plate is, Whilst The religious masses have an excuse for eating the flesh of our fellow mammals and other species, What is your excuse!!!! ( unless of course you are already Vegan)...

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I'd rather be dead than reach a world population of 10 billion... no matter the diet. Feeding more people will simply encourage for breeding.

I would rather be trying to selectively reduce the survival rates of idiots and increase survival rates for intelligent people. As the ratio is so distorted this plan could dramatically reduce populations. This is why I preach veganism to those I respect, That way they live longer and the meat eaters (idiots) die earlier.......

LOL, time will tell :)

Thank you for calling me an idiot. Especially since it is an emotional epithet and has nothing to do with reality.

I did not call you an idiot, I was describing a selection mechanism against stupidity.Read it again

But in general I would rate a meat eater as an ignorant selfish fool yes.

ignorant - because they should be more ethically aware

Foolish - because it is killing them

selfish - because they don't care about other humans or the environment.

but that doesn't mean we give up and say "fuck you" to the world.


I think you are Naive....if you ever find yourself doing as most others do...RETHINK.....95% of people are worthless fodder. I won't wish any cruelty or harm on them but I would not consult them on an intellectual basis. 5% are worth talking to and 1% are worth knowing. Why do you acknowledge sexual and religious indoctrination and yet fail to recognise other forms where they reside.

HI Vegan

if you look at Table 4. It shows how China (East Asia) has increased its live food intake. Compare that with India (South Asia), which has a lot of vegetarians in it. Also look at North Africa, it's increased a little. But if the Arabs ever get their act together and stop corruption and nepotism and start sharing the money around, they will also start to eat more and more meat like the Chinese. 


So, what can we do?

We can do as we know we should, rather than as others do. Look at bird flu, small pox, chicken pox, the spanish flu. Animal production had a lot to do with all of these, Even better look at mad cow's disease. Abstain from the main causes of early death and let others die by the sword....Also always get vaccinated as soon as possible. What we really need is a selection mechanism that selects against selfishness, and I can not think of a better one than Vegan life extension and meat induced death.


Longevity is a high maintenance joke.

I used to be a tour guide for Japanese tourists. One of my customers was about 85 years old. And I asked him how it is that Japanese live so long. He replied "we don't live a long time at all", I was puzzled by his answer and asked him "what do you mean? you're 85" he said "there's a difference between 'living' and 'not dying' ". 

I agree there. I'd love to see an entirely new definition for longevity stats: Average lifespan of humans without longterm medications... And assisted living.

there's a difference between 'living' and 'not dying' 

I love that




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