How many people interested in ethics here put their ethics where their plate is, Whilst The religious masses have an excuse for eating the flesh of our fellow mammals and other species, What is your excuse!!!! ( unless of course you are already Vegan)...

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I was must going to say what TNT666 just beat me to. Before you quote the China study, you need to read both sides of the story. The China Study was cherry-picked. Plus there are lots of studies that could be interpreted in many ways, because it is notoriously hard to study nutrition. You can never do a one-variable study, because people have to eat something. Try reading a little more extensively -- I already recommended Gary Taubes' book, but there are lots of others.

Food is a very personal and social value that we depend on for survival.  Sacrifices made to be efficient in respecting the world we live in can be made in a variety of ways.  We should try not to sacrifice the respect for others as we process our food.  Plants are living things as well.

So your argument is that it is just as unethical to kill plants....thats ridiculous. When you can prove the neurological suffering of plants I will reconsider. For the moment your support of the cruel consumption of sentient animals is unacceptable 

That's neurologically and trophically impossible.'

Plants don't even have neurones so I think its at least possible at that level, However you must practice common sense. Even a dear walking through the forest kills small micro-organisms. What the true goal ought be is to minimise ones impact on the environment and other sentient creatures. It is obvious that the potential of suffering is proportional to neural complexity. Hence one should eat from the bottom up not the top down. If you eat plant and still need more protein then eat insects...but not whales...

Are you ethically progressive... evolve... stop breeding. ;p

I have no children and have been with my wife for more than 15

I am  also Vegan and have a low MPG

My question is this...why worry about going vegan? We need animal protein to sustain our bodies.


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